You Have an Email List Now What?

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If you have spent any time at all as an affiliate marketer, you know that the big profits are to be had when you develop and market to a responsive email list. You know you need a high converting squeeze page and that you need to entice people to register for your email list by promising them something you know they really want, such as valuable information about solving a problem or reaching a goal. You also know whatever you offer to get people to sign up for your email list needs to be relevant to whatever type of products you are marketing. This way you are sure to entice the people who will be most likely to click through on your affiliate link and purchase the product. However, do you know how to make sure that your email list will jump at the opportunity to buy what you are promoting?

Building an email list is actually very easy when you know what free information to offer, such as a video or eBook. It’s what to do with that email list where most marketers either end up making either pennies or dollars. The worst thing you can do is send an email to your list with something along the lines of “Thanks for joining my list, now buy this….” That just turns people off because no one likes to feel “sold” to. You will end up with more people unsubscribing instead of buying the product you are promoting and you aren’t going to make any substantial type of income that way.

It’s important when you send emails to your list that you work on creating a relationship first. You want to continue to give them information that they will find fascinating, and you want them to really pay attention and be excited about reading the emails you send them. Then, they will want to buy what you casually suggest to them because they will trust you and like you.

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