Why You Are Failing as an Online Marketer

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The online marketing industry is into the billions of dollars of sales annually and a surprising amount of the profits of these sales are going to affiliates. So, why aren’t you raking in the big bucks? Maybe you are doing everything right in regard to picking out a top selling affiliate product and following all the “tried and true” tips that you hear all the other affiliate marketers talking about. For example, maybe you are hitting up all the social media networks, building a mailing list and doing more in order make as many sales as you can, yet only pennies are trickling, where you were hoping for the big bills.

It could be that you are doing everything right, without realizing you might be doing it for the wrong people. What I mean by this, is maybe you have the best product and the best marketing and advertising tactics, but have failed to define your niche market. If you don’t fully define who you are marketing to, or if you are trying to market to everybody in the world, the chances are pretty high that even your best efforts aren’t going to pan out well.

If you consider online marketing as being similar to door to door sales, you will see how you will have to knock on a whole lot of doors to find the one person that wants to buy what you are selling. If you had a map that pointed you to the house of that one person though, you would just know where to go and that would save you tons of time, frustration and telling all types of people about what you are promoting that just aren’t interested.

With this in mind, you want to find your niche market and then find out where they are in the World Wide Web and focus your efforts there. For instance, if you are promoting a weight loss product for women over 40, you would want to gear all your efforts to women over 40, not to the whole world hoping the women over 40 will find you. These women might be on Facebook in the morning before work, or at forums that talk about being a woman over 40. When you focus your marketing there, during the right time, then you will become more successful.

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