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Why Well Targeted Traffic Is Important for Any Online Business

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Ever since I got into online business, all I keep hearing about is getting more traffic. Everything I read is about getting more, every video I watch tells me of ways of getting more traffic! If there is one thing I’ve learned since I started making money online is that more traffic doesn’t always mean more money. Actually, many high-traffic online businesses go out of business each year because they simply can’t get their traffic to convert. When you take random people of the web and manage to convince them to click on your link, you are relying on blind luck in managing to reach somebody who is actually interested in what you have to offer.

This is why you need to target a specific audience. A lot of people don’t understand why it is so important to do this because TV advertising, the most noticeable way of advertising in the previous marketing era, was done seemingly at random. Everyone gets the same ads at the same time right? Well, not quite.

Customer Research

Different TV ads are played during different shows and at different times because the brands that are paying for these ads know which audience is more likely to convert. They pin-point the time a certain age group is most commonly in front of the TV, and if that is their target group for example, they pay for a commercial within that time. The same thing happens in the online environment with an improved system of targeting. In the online environment, websites get metrics about their traffic based of various forms, profiles and so on, based on which you can actually have a clearer picture of your auditorium. This is something that each website can do. You need to know who to target as a business, though. You can do this through various techniques such as online surveys, social networks, on site profiles and so on.

Caution: Watch your attitude!

If you want well filled out forms and credible profile information, you will need to watch how you prompt your potential customers for it. The approach needs to be backed up with some return value for them, in form of coupons or something else entirely. You also need to avoid being boring about it and spam with subscription offers and forms each time a user moves through your website. This can chase away a lot of people with no chance to get them back. You don’t want to be labelled as a spammer in the online environment. This label is very hard to clean up once somebody slaps it on you.

Targeted traffic

When you know who your target audience is,  you can find it easily in the online environment. We’ve already mentioned that every website has its own metrics, and a lot of blogs let you subscribe with Facebook, Twitter or some other social network and access content. This makes it easy to check out if your target audience is really spending time on that blog, and if so, you can safely pay to get that targeted traffic. This is hard work, I know, but it pays off very much.

Conversion, going up!

It is true that the metrics on how many hits per day you are getting on your website might go down, but if you are chasing users to take a certain call to action and are not profiting from them simply landing on your website then you need better conversion. This is why affiliate marketing is great. It allows you to get through to people who have a higher probability of being interested in what you have to offer. So, even though you are getting less raw traffic, you are getting better results at the end of the month and you are earning more money.

This is why you can’t just chase more traffic blindly. It doesn’t make sense nor cents to invest into reaching some poor person living halfway around the world if you want to sell a toaster to someone in the US. Quality traffic is the key to making money online, and you should be doing everything in your power to reach it.

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