Where to get good traffic to promote affiliate offers?

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We wrote a controversial article a few days ago about solo ads. And I think people imagined I am all against Solo Ads… when, in fact, it’s the opposite. But, I am against all the crap, which is flooding the Solo Ads industry, and the way people buy Solo Ads.

They think they can buy 50 clicks and get rich; they think they can buy 200 clicks and get 100 options, even if their landing page is poorly designed and without any value. Then, you only get subscribers who don’t care about you and what you have to say. That’s when solo ads become useless and that’s why there are so many sellers taking advantage of this by sending you useless clicks.

That being said, when you find good solo ad sellers, you MUST work with them, you need to understand how they build their lists, what is the source of their traffic, what their leads want to learn… This way, you know what to promote and how to get conversions in the back-end. And, of course, you must not reveal your sources :-)

So, it can work and it works great, when you know how to do it and who to buy from!

BTW, this is a service we provide HERE and you can get my team to do all the work for you and secure tons of great clicks. We also help you design the right landing page, setup the right tracking, test your headlines, and of course, get the right funnel in place! But, we never reveal our sources as this is our core value. We buy tens of thousands of clicks per month (not just solo ads, of course), so we know what we’re doing but, unless someones pays us $100k, we won’t reveal our secrets.

Beyond solo ads, which are certainly the most targeted and responsive clicks you can get (once again, if you know how to market those), I would say, the easiest traffic would come from Facebook. You can direct links, or send them to a pre-selling page, to a blog, in order to get engagement and advertise through native ads. You can do many things and it’s dead easy to get approved, really.

Which brings me to the controversial part. TRAFFIC IS NOT THE ISSUE.

Read this again carefully. Traffic is not an issue. Your funnel is the issue. Your understanding of your visitors’ needs and expectations is the issue.

With a proper funnel, the sky is the limit, and, in fact, solo ad sellers will basically pay you to build your list (understand, you will be in profit).

Of course, I do recommend setting up a funnel when you use any kind of traffic source (not just solo ads). Simply because people almost NEVER convert right away (or only 1-2% max).

That said, email traffic is known as being the highest converting one. And it is… when an email comes from someone who is selling something.

So: build your list, even for affiliate offers, nurture your leads, engage with them, deliver great content (like what you’re reading right now) and treat them like you truly want to help them. That’s the only recipe for success!

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