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With more and more people using mobile devices to search the Internet, good old lead generation forms are not appealing anymore to those users.

Still, advertisers need to generate leads for their business, and using affiliates to generate those leads is not even close to end soon.

So what do you think advertisers decided to do? Well, nothing better than good old direct response marketing recipes!

Get CALLS! Nothing new here. If you watch TV commercials, they basically only want you to do one thing: get your phone and call them so that they can close deals within minutes.

There’s a reason for this, and this has been the same for decades. Phone leads convert up to 10x better than email / impersonal leads.

Which means: if you want to close deals in an efficient way, you need to get people to call you.

Now, the Internet technology has made the whole process far more efficient than it used to be.

First you can laser target people who will see your “click-to-call” ad. Whether you target specific socio-demographics (male, 35+ married with kids and earning more than $75k a year, owning their house…), geo-localized (living around NYC within 25 miles), or behavioral based (showed interest in finance, loans, visited such website…). Which allows to quickly test your campaigns, and only get the right prospects to call you.

Then, it’s now easier than before (and a lot easier than just 18 months ago) to track phone calls, like you would track clicks. Understand: you can attribute conversions firing over the phone to any of your traffic source and marketing efforts! This was impossible 2 years ago.

Finally, you can still get hordes of affiliates to promote your offers to get this damn phone to ring. With those tracking capabilities we discussed, advertisers can now provision specific phone number an affiliate will use to generate calls.

But the beauty of this process is as follows: since advertisers are converting probably 10 to 15% of the callers, they can now offer much higher payouts even for phone leads that don’t generate a sale!

Check this campaign we’re running these days. We get close to $7 per call! And 15% conversion rate!


Off the 130 calls we sent, 13 lasted more than 2 minutes, which triggered a conversion, each conversion paying $55.

With all the mobile traffic you can acquire for dirt cheap these days, the Pay-Per-Call model is the way to go. Campaigns are much easier to setup, payout are way better (still promoting $2 per lead email submit offers?), and you truly control things.

Guess what, you can even create landing pages! We will show you how in the next article in the Pay-Per-Call series.

Stay tuned!

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