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Things to Pay Attention to When Trying to Go Global with Your Online Business

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The Web is becoming a magnificent place for businesses. The potential for exposure and the financial flexibility that it offers to new businesses is astonishing. It takes quite a bit of research to get it right though, since online business functions on different paradigms than, let’s say, “real world” entrepreneurship. It is also subject to change and even if you have done your research a few years back, you will need to do it again since it is still a very much evolving environment with its fair share of trends and new approaches to achieving old goals.

If you want to reach a wide, international audience, there is no better place to do it than online. Still, handling an international crowd is not a simple thing to achieve. There are more than a few things you need to keep in mind before rushing into something like that. Here are some useful pointers you can use to stay on the right path.

Cultural Barriers

What you consider to be an appropriate approach is completely irrelevant. What’s truly important is if your target group considers it appropriate behavior. Don’t just assume things, and really try to understand the people you are advertising to. There is simply no other way to get things right.

Local Help

No matter which part of the world you decide to focus first, you still need someone who is a native to help you along. No matter how well you have done your research, you can’t build your business plan based on information you read in books or online. Get somebody who understands the cultural background and the local customs to help you out.

Law & Regulations

Avoid getting yourself into a legal pickle by researching the laws of the region or the country you are trying to reach. There are more than a few sad business tales that ended because they didn’t pay attention to the legal differences between their home country and the one they were trying to expand to. Do your research and rely on your local help to get things done properly.


You need to allow people to pay you in their own currency, being that you are shipping internationally. Most people don’t like to bother themselves with currency exchange and similar financial mumbo-jumbo. If you force them to calculate the differences between their own currency and yours, they will probably just go and buy the product from a local distributor or simply abandon the whole thing.

Content localization

It is not Ok to simply translate your website. This means that you are delivering second grade content which was not intended for the market in question. You need to provide original content, and if you are going to translate something, make sure it comes across correctly. There is nothing worse than a poorly translated website offering services or products for money. Nobody buys from an illiterate salesmen! This usually happens when people try to “economize” with cheap solutions like translation software and so on. Localization isn’t a trifling matter even when you are localizing for the same language, let alone two different ones.

Global Website

You need a base of operation, and this is exactly what your global website is to you when running and international online business.  This is the starting point for most of your customers who can, from there, choose the localized version for their own area. This website is usually in English since it is the most widely spread language in the online environment and almost everyone knows at least the basic online terminology to get themselves from the landing page of the global website to the localized version intended for them.

Although it may seem that when starting an international online business, the world is your for the taking, but it is a lot of work. It takes time to go global properly and a lot of dedication to pleasing and knowing your customers that come from all over the world. It can be frustrating, infuriating and costly, but in the end, if it is done right, it will surely bring a lot of money to your company’s account, and this is what it is all about.

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