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The Perfect Online Marketing Campaign: The Basics

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One thing is for sure, no one can make it in this economic climate without going online. No matter what your niche is, people want information, and they want it now, especially if you are in business of providing service, and you expect people to do a proper research before coming to you. All of this is not a secret, and major companies already know this and are heavily investing into their own online presence and online marketing strategies, trying to find an approach that is both unique, efficient and attractive.

Trying to find a suitable way for producing a positive online reputation can sometimes be difficult, and all of this is based on how people behave online, what do they need, and based on some carefully researched assumptions, you can easily make choices that are best for you. This might seem like a technical mumbo-jumbo, but with some basic understanding of some core concepts, even you will be able to make informed decisions that will allow you to change the course of your business.

The Advantage of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is all about organizing your own website in such a way that it offers informative, high quality content, creating backlinks from other reputable sites, focused on your particular niche or some keywords, in order to present you as a leader of that branch. The two key words here are “organic” and “subtle”, meaning that you will not be very successful if your site is screaming at your potential buyers, urging them to shop right here, or if you create blog posts that are using keywords stuffing in order to attract attention of search engines.

That will attract attention, but a negative one. Search engines will only recognize that as black hat SEO techniques, and your website will probably be facing some punishments, based on how vigorously you broke the rules. The SEO puts a strong emphasis on good content which is, in itself, self-promotional, providing useful information to your readers, without being, in a lack of a better word – fake. Keep your website updated on a regular basis, especially your blog section, use credible resources and don’t be afraid of guest blogging on other popular blogs in order to share your wisdom, and over time, word will spread about your influence and your website.

The Secrets of PPC

Pay per Click or PPC is one of the most commonly used marketing business models in order to attract customers, and the advantages are simple: it is easy to use, quick to set up, and the results are clearly measurable. This is considered as one of the traditional marketing approaches all around the world. Good keyword research is essential for a good PPC campaign, as it is used to properly display your ad on search engines for relevant search queues.

The name alone explains the mechanic behind this model, as you pay a certain amount based on how many people have clicked on an ad, and the result will be immediate especially if you invest into some popular search engines, but the conversion into actual purchases might not be what you expect.

The Mechanics of Social Networks

The last, but probably one of most important aspects is social media marketing which can have an enormous influence if done properly. All the major brands have already embraced this type of advertising, from Coca-Cola to Nike, and the viral possibilities here are almost endless. If you and your business have active social lives, it would be quite easy for you to develop a whole reputation based on your online presence. The proper combination of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest will leave you open for many possibilities, and even creating promotional campaigns via YouTube is an interesting approach, since creating videos is easier than ever.

Social media websites can be used to instantly connect to users and potential customers, but also for measuring feedback and other ways of promoting your brand. Other important things include being able to connect to other influencers from your niche, or even become one over time. All networks offer their own unique approaches which can be used to boost your website traffic and connect you to a wider audience. Even though simply getting higher traffic number is not enough, over time you, will be able to focus on some more advanced techniques required to be successful.

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