The myth about free traffic

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OK, let’s say it bluntly so that we evacuate it: FREE traffic DOES NOT EXIST.

Now, that said, you can step back and think at it again. Whatever you do online is an arbitrage. And free traffic is probably the most costly one you can get involved in. Why? Because you’re trading your most valuable asset (you and your time) for hypothetical traffic which a search engine, something that could not care less about you, would eventually send. Until they update their algorithms. Slaving yourself to potentially rank for an obscure keyword (forget about money making keywords unless you can build hundreds or thousands of web properties) is not something you should ever consider. It’s not free, and it’s the most expensive traffic you can ever find!

Yes, let me repeat it: FREE Traffic is the MOST EXPENSIVE form of traffic BY FAR!, simply because you don’t control anything, it’s not reliable, it can be killed overnight by search engines, and on top of that… drum roll… it’s the least converting form of traffic! Yes, people clicking on organic results in search engine are around 7.6 times less likely to buy ANYTHING after clicking that link.

It’s a result of people clicking ads, and also because organic results are for content (we click on them when we are looking for content), and paid results (the ads) are for products and promos (and we click on them when we are looking to buy a product)!

So, if you continue reading this blog, we will probably never mention SEO ever again. And if I do, please email me and I will send you $10 for doing so.

There’s probably only one form of ‘free’ traffic we will mention at some point, about Youtube videos and reviews, which can be quite effective when done correctly. But, please consider that it’s not free as it costs a few hundred to get a decent review video created.

All has been said, so do not read this blog if you wish to learn about SEO and free tactics, as we can’t be bothered wasting our time with such anti-marketing tactics, and most of all, we don’t want to waste your time reading crap about free traffic.

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