Still doing SEO? You’re simply feeding Big G!

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Did you ever see things this way ?

(once again it’s my point of view and I am right, since it’s mine. You can disagree, but I would then disagree with you)

Marketers spend tons of money and hundreds of hours learning SEO, stuffing keywords here and there, spamming links to please Google. It’s not bad per se, to please people. Pleasing a company is probably something that should be analyzed with a psychologist.

But, what people don’t get is that even when you please the Big G, and you do everything as you’ve been told, still, Big G DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT!

Even better: they are laughing at those doing ALL THE WORK FOR THEM! You read it well: you create amazing content, stuff it with the best keywords, and you manage to rank well.

You’ve invested a lot of cash and efforts to achieve the #1 spot! Congratulations…

Google is truly pleased because you’re now providing good content to their database that will allow to get more traffic for this keyword and, most importantly, to charge more per click for those Adwords advertisers, who will still get 80% of the traffic, and probably 100% of the value of the traffic generated by this keyword.

Let me rephrase: you’re feeding Google with your content and, in return, you’ll get a few % of the traffic YOUR efforts HAVE PRODUCED, while Google will collect all the money by selling this traffic to your COMPETITORS!

Did you ever see things that way?

Probably not and that’s not your fault. SEO is trendy, people like to discuss SEO, because there’s a lot to say, even if they don’t know anything about it.

Most agencies can sell guaranteed rankings, but what they don’t mention is that you will need $50k to rank well for a keyword NO ONE will ever think of or enter in the search field!

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And that’s the brilliant business model used by Google: they get millions of webmasters to create content (or they just infringe copyrights from authors to turn paid books into free content), create a nice experience for Internet users, astronomical amount of visitors, so that they can sell this traffic to advertisers who will put their ads BEFORE any of your content.

On average, the top ranking website for any keyword (let’s say keywords with a kind of commercial/buyer intent) receive only 8.9% of the clicks! Can you believe it?

You worked hard to get to rank #1 and you receive the crumbs nobody wants (you also don’t receive the buyers, only those who don’t want to buy!).

All the content you create is used to generate traffic that is sold, 9 times out of 10, to someone else (read: to your competition).

Why in the world would any marketer do such a thing? Why would you work to feed Google and, to a certain extent, your competition (if they manage to convert visitors).

I have NO idea.

Someone please explain this to me. After 10 years of working online and seeing people waste their time and money on SEO, I still don’t know.

Then, you have the other marketers who’ve noticed that some people they don’t pay work for them free of charge. They will just set an ad for all the keywords you rank well, and just divert your traffic to their landing page.

It takes 5 minutes and 50 cts to rank #1 and to get 90% of the traffic when you pay for this traffic. Or, it takes months and tons of money to rank #4 (#1 for organic, placed after paid ads) and get 8.9% of the traffic. Your choice!

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