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We have blogs all over the place these days – from serious blogs focusing on highly specialized fields to simple affairs on where people write down their thoughts and vent their frustrations every now and again. There is plenty of opportunity to use a blog as much more than a simple means of expressing oneself, you can also use it to reach out to a large international audience and earn some money for all the effort you put into your work. There is a noticeable difference in both quality of content and aesthetics between a blog that generates revenue for the owner and a mediocre blog that’s updated with posts every couple of weeks. If you want your blog to stand out and make you some money, just keep on reading.

Work on your blog’s design

If you want to earn some money from your blog, you will need a large enough audience. Now, you can attract people and make some loyal fans by providing good material that is very informative, funny, newsworthy, insightful or a combination of all of these. However, your blog needs to look good and be structured well if you want to improve your conversion rate. Here are some tips on general blog design:

  •  -Use WordPress to quickly create the style you want
  •  -Leave plenty of opportunities for the visitors to subscribe
  •  -Have a lightbox pop-up for signing up for a newsletter
  •  -Provide some incentive for subscribing
  •  -Have big and prominent social media sharing buttons
  •  -Provide links to relevant posts and sign up forms just above the comments section

Once you have a particular design in mind – I strongly recommend a balance between sticking out from the crowd and being overly flashy and colorful just for the sake of being different – it is a matter of choosing the right WP theme and making some adjustments. You can add plenty of functionality and additional customization by installing plug-ins, and even though it doesn’t take a lot of coding, you can always get someone who knows what they’re doing to help you set everything up. As far as providing incentive for subscribing goes, you can offer things like short weekly how to tutorials through your newsletter, a free e-book containing training tips, your commentary on the latest news, info on upcoming events and so on.

Making quality content on a regular basis

To be able to put out relevant, informative and interesting content consistently requires a good deal of time and effort on the blogger’s part. If you are a casual blogger who just writes down his/her musings on a weekly or daily basis, you don’t really need to spend too much time worrying about what you are going to write, but if you want your blog to grow, there is a definite need for additional research and planning ahead. For a serious blogger, looking to earn some money making quality content regularly involves:

  •  -Diligent research, to improve your knowledge on the topics you write about
  •  -Staying on top of popular recent news stories
  • -Learning about innovations and developments related to your niche
  •  -Having a well-defined workday
  •  -Patience and focus so you can remain motivated
  •  -Some more research to get inspiration and fresh ideas
  •  -Communicating with your readers

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to remain consistent with your posts, whether you post once a week or on a daily basis, while staying interesting and fresh. Once you develop a core, following people will expect to see new material on the blog regularly, so make sure you have something ready if you are going on a vacation or are going to be away from the computer during the holidays. Switching up your style and slightly deviating from your usual stuff also helps – you can post some pictures and share you experiences from your trip abroad, have a few cooking or exercising posts even if blogging about fitness isn’t really your thing, or just making some material in advance and posting it when you don’t feel like writing anything.

Selling products on your blog

Monetizing your blog has to be an important part of your strategy if you are seriously considering making blogging your full-time job. Plenty of successful bloggers/vloggers have integrated mini shops on their blogs where they sell merchandize relevant to what they do and what they are about. I like using popular YouTube vlogger, JennaMarbles, as the perfect example of keeping your audience engaged and making profit all the while remaining true to yourself. She has an incredibly popular YouTube channel, but on her blog, fans can have a deeper look at her personal life and get some information that aren’t available on her YouTube channel, as well as buy products that include plush toys of her two dogs that are prominently featured in her videos. And that’s the only merchandise she offers – no generic t-shirts, no silly fluff and tacky key chains, just something that is relevant to what she does. Depending on what you do, you can offer:

  •  -Songs, audio books and similar material
  •  -Video material like behind the scenes footage, tutorials or reviews
  •  -Cute toys
  •  -Interesting apparel
  •  -Posters, stickers and framed pictures
  •  -Customized tools and gadgets

Affiliate marketing

Blogs are perfect places to spread the word about various products, software and services. It can be done naturally as well, without tricking people into clicks. By taking affiliate links from niche related companies you can make sure that the link sits naturally since it is targeted at potentially interested people. Still, be careful who you work with. You don’t want to put your name behind someone who does lousy work and destroy your fan base.
Hopefully, some of these tips can help enthusiastic bloggers looking to potentially switch to a full-time blogging career and want to be able to make a decent amount of money off their blogging efforts.

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