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Marketing is beginning to mean something when supply started to exceed demand. That’s when people (marketers) started to find ways to get their products noticed and their brand stand out!

Without any competition, there is no real need to position yourself, or to convince people that they have a problem that you can solve. They have no choice.

With that said, if marketing had just one goal, this would be to create a unique perception in the mind of your target audience - to position yourself as their solution of choice. In a word, to be Remarkable and to stand out.

And guess what, that’s the same with ANY form of marketing, including Affiliate Marketing and, possibly, even more with affiliate marketing, because ALL your competitors are promoting the exact same product.

That’s probably the most difficult way to start differentiating, when everyone is selling the same product or service. It requires quite a lot of imagination and some effort.

This brings us back to a few articles we wrote about pre-selling and how important it is. Imagination, efforts… – many affiliate marketers name it: the ANGLE.

The Angle is basically the way you will approach the product or service you’re promoting, so that it looks UNIQUE. If it looks unique, then you look unique and you win a piece of mind from your prospects. 

There’s no right or wrong angle. They are not meant to be in a hierarchy of angles. They are meant to catch the attention of your prospects without sounding boring. This is a way for you (and thus your prospects) to explore a different aspect of the product you’re promoting, something they might not be aware, something your competition did not highlight, and that will trigger a psychological reaction from your target: a click, a lead or a sale!

With your angle, you’re starting to look different and to propose something of value to your prospects. You stand out by talking directly about what is important for your prospect. Maybe you put some emphasis on an important problem your target has (provided you built the traffic correctly), that the product you’re promoting can solve. The unique Angle will become your unique value proposition and it will improve your chance of closing a deal.

Is that enough?

Not really in fact: with a Unique angle (in your ad), comes the need for congruence: your landing page needs to provide a relevant story, something that will make them want to buy. You need to tell them more and elaborate about your angle. This will build up your uniqueness as well.

What could be done on top of that is to provide even more value: by giving away more content, bonuses, services, support. Yes, even if it’s not your product and you just work for a commission, going the extra mile will generate trust and confidence among your prospects. Also, it will kind of associate you, the affiliate, to the product you’re promoting. Not that you’re willing to create confusion, but you should close the gap between you, the offer and your prospect. This gap is what is responsible for low conversion rates.

You could offer extra products that would complement the main product (you can create them, get them created for you, or work off PLR material), you could offer extra services (say you’re promoting a software, or a SaaS; you could tell them you will train them for a few hours, or install something for them…).

Then, you start standing out of the crowd. You’re getting closer to a product creator and to a service provider than a pure affiliate marketer, sending people straight to an offer, using direct linking. You are adding value, you’re becoming unique and remarkable. You’re building rapport with your prospects, who appreciate that you are endorsing a product/services and helping them board. You’re building a real affiliate marketing business, which can soon turn into a service provider business.

Not saying you should have this approach for any product you plan to promote, but keeping that in mind can make a big difference when you chose which product or service to promote, and when you are designing your promo campaign. Thinking that way will put you in the shoes of an entrepreneur, who wants to build something, and that’s how you will stand out of the crowd.

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  • Britanica B.

    Standing out online is one of the hardest things to do. So many people are online at this very second trying to do just that. They want what they offer to be unique and pleasing while to the point and easy to understand. I think appealing to Google is a huge key people forget about. Great tips!