Solo Ads? Surely you’re joking Mr JP?

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OK, let me go straight to the point: Have you ever seen a Solo Ad seller make it to the top of any affiliate contest leaderboard. Or even get in the leaderboard or in the top 10 affiliates?

You don’t have to answer (or you can write your answers in the comment section below). But I can hear you. Of course not. There might have been exceptions though, so feel free to share if you’ve found some kind of hidden gem who is not just selling crappy clicks.

Now, there’s a reason for this, and as you will understand, a normal, regular solo ad seller can never sell or promote anything… beyond clicks to other solo ad sellers who will, in turn, be able to build shitty lists and sell useless clicks and so on.

See, the Solo Ad business (as most of us know it) is an incestuous game. Sellers sell clicks to buyers who setup a quick squeeze page with a catchy headline that will get visitors to join their opt-in list (single opt-in, of course, as solo ad clickers can’t be arsed confirming or even reading what you have to offer). Once this buyer has received new subscribers, he will, in turn, be able to sell solo ads to other buyers and so on.

Still, it remains a closed group. And at some point, everyone is sharing the same subscribers. Start a fight to create new squeeze pages, to collect more emails and to trick buyers into buying more clicks (for example, solo ad sellers asking their visitors to DOUBLE Click a link). Heck, I am not even joking, check the screenshot below


I’ve blacked out details so that you don’t know who sent this email (it’s not really the problem to know who it is, it’s just that it’s almost always usual practice).

Btw, I found this gold nugget using this amazing Email Ad Spying software

The reason why solo ad clickers are not buyers is just the result of such operations. They belong to most solo ad sellers opt-in lists and are thus inundated with useless crap 10 to 50 times a day. Sometimes they click (hopefully), enter their email out of curiosity and move on to the next email. It’s like if they were paid to do so, and they act as if they were paid, but they’re not. They simply receive their daily dose of emails to open and click.

These clicks are far from being worth more than a cent or two, and still, they continue to be sold for 50cts to a dollar. No idea why, no idea why people still buy them (OK, to get subscribers to then sell solo ads, but it must come to).

So the clicker persona is not a buyer, nor even someone interested in your info most of the time. He is just jumping from one headline to the other, thinking he can get rich overnight. And as it does not work, he continues clicking, hoping that it will work at some point. Which it doesn’t…

This is why you will never see any “major” (lol) solo ad seller on any leaderboard, nor will you ever hear about them from a respected internet marketer who can launch product, design funnels… They’re well known within the close circle of Solo Ad Buyers & Sellers, and that’s mostly it.

Fair warning: the above is true for close to 100% of solo ad sellers. There are exceptions, but THEY are not known as Solo Ad sellers! And this is the most important point: if you want to buy clicks and get something of value off those clicks, YOU MUST NOT use any kind of solo ad networks, or any regular solo ad seller.

You will never make a dime. At least, you now understand why…

This further means that Solo Ads are not a bad thing, but the way the solo ad business is organized is a nightmare for anyone out there who thinks that, because they can get clicks, their quest is over. And, since it does not work, they end up joining the circle of solo ad actors and start selling clicks (as nothing else can be sold using their lists).

The only way is to use good lists you know work well, to market products, lists created and managed by internet marketers who are not playing the solo ad game but who regularly launch products, run affiliate promotions and so on.



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