Seizing Your Prospect’s Attention (Part III – Final part)

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This will be the last of seizing your prospect’s attention for now.

And unlike the previous two articles (Part 1, Part 2) in this one, I’d like to focus on the headline creation process itself.

But it depends on you. Do you really want to put in the effort to make sure you completely seize your prospect’s attention or not?

Remember this has got to be the most important part of making your prospect’s do anything. If you don’t have their attention, they’ll never see your brilliant offer. They’ll never say the amazing benefits. They’ll never see that steal of a price. They basically won’t even open the door.

So just how do actually use all these rules to create brilliant headlines?

Well. It starts off with writing fascinations.

Take your product and go crazy with it. Think of the wildest fascinations a prospect could possibly have. Write them out free hand. Don’t care about size, punchiness or anything for that matter right now.

Just go crazy.

Get the craziest of the crazy out on paper – while staying within the possibilities your product can open for them.

Once you have them out paper. Leave them there.

Don’t touch these fascinations just yet.

Skip straight to your offer. See what sets you apart from the rest of competition. Understand this fully.

Then come up with even more fascinations or add this strength to your current fascinations where possible.

Then jump straight to your credibility elements. All those things inside your main offer that give it a lot of credibility.

Make a list of these. Then dramatize them.

Scientists believe x is a good product. Is lame. Some of the world’s most acknowledged scientists have complete faith in the power of X. Is better. And far more dramatic.

Once you’ve got these out on paper. You’ve a whole arsenal of ideas and concepts that you can use.

Combine these credibility elements, with your fascinations. Find a place to  link them both and begin creating cohesive headlines. Still not caring about size or punchiness.

Come up with at least 3 of the best fascinations – linked with your strongest credibility elements.

This will be your final short list.

Now use all the tricks you’ve learned in the previous two articles to optimize each of these three headlines.

Ideally you should have – 2-3 final headlines which meet to some degree all the rules I’ve taught you.

Then take the one you feel is the best out of the three and take it to your prospects.

Then test.

Amongst the three you’re highly likely to find one of the best headlines you’ve ever come up with. And your prospects are going to be paying attention.

You’ve now got an audience. You’ve got your foot in the door. They’re listening and want to see you deliver. You’ve already gotten a major edge over your competition and significantly increased your chances of succeeding.

So go ahead and get started. Don’t worry if it takes too long initially or you don’t feel like you’re doing it right. Just keep at it – review the rules every time you begin to write. Perfection takes practice. And even if you manage to implement half of what these articles have taught you – I guarantee you, you’ll be ahead of most your competition.

Slowly, it’ll become second nature to you.

That’s all the attention I need from you for now. Go seize some for yourself now.

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