Seizing Your Prospect’s Attention (Part II)

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Alright, now for some more powerful tricks to get your prospect’s attention.

We’ve covered the first two rules of great headlines in the first article.

The thing about seizing attention is that while your headline makes the right appeal, people also need to believe it.

Almost all your prospects have heard similar appeals in the past. So you’ve got to keep credibility close by.

You don’t need to show a mathematical proof that clearly shows your promise is true. But you’ve got to at least hint at it, and then keep the actual proof close by.


Well a simple appeal to authority will do the trick.

If you’re in the medical/health niche – just mentioning the word doctors will do the trick.

Something like experts works in almost all niches.

And specific numbers – significantly increases your chances too. “Increases efficiency by 75.679%”. Sounds credible. A more rounded number like doubles your efficiency, won’t sound as credible.

All types of authority work. Everything from a TV mention to a good universities name.

So that’s your third rule for making great headlines; make them more credible.

Now back to making the right appeal. We’ve spoken of short, punchy and credible headlines. But the real meat in a headline is a promise. A benefit. Or a potential benefit for the prospect.

I mentioned this in the first article too, and there is an incriminating amount of evidence that proves prospects make time for advertisements that promise them exactly what they want.

At the same time however, you don’t always have to do that. And in some cases it may not be the best strategy. But – hinting towards it is necessary.

This comes from a deep, thorough understanding of your prospect’s desires, pains and current state of mind.

With that you’ve got your fourth rule. But seizing attention doesn’t stop there. There is a lot more to headlines.

Now that we’ve started giving some structure to our headlines – short, punchy, benefit driven and credible – we’ve got to focus on not just getting your prospect’s attention but to also force them to read what you have to say next.

How do you do that?

Add curiosity.

Incite your prospect’s curiosity. You should trigger an interest so that they don’t feel right till the read what you have to say next. You need to say something that surprises your prospect:

“Bald barber gives me the best hair loss solution ever”

Something like that is going to get people curious. What?! A bald guy with a good hair solution?! What’s this all about?

That is the reaction you have to trigger in your customer. Remember the other rules, but also realize that you need use their essence when writing headlines – you don’t have to do EVERYTHING to find the perfect headline. But where you can make your headline shorter do so. Where you can make your headline punchier do so. So on and so forth.

Another powerful way to incite curiosity and seize your prospect’s attention it simply ask a good question.

Question headlines are powerful. And have proven to increase response. Sometimes the questions are just plain simple. But don’t underestimate their power.

And the best part of using questions is that often you can take the customers skeptical tone and bring it out in the open.

“Does this little diet really speed up the fat loss process?”

Is a question that a prospect is asking in his/her thoughts. And it’s makes the perfect headline.

This is a question that has a little doubt in it. They work great. So do rhetorical questions. So do challenging questions. Take your pick based on your product and competition.

“What’s really wrong in being insanely rich?” would be the perfect rhetorical question headline for a money making niche product.

“Are there even more ways to make your headlines stronger?”

Yes. There are. And you’ll get some more powerful tricks in part 3 of the seizing your prospect’s attention.

Till then – study your headlines and see where you can improve them. Command attention and profit endlessly.


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