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Since I wrote my article on how nuts the solo ad industry is, I’ve received quite a lot of emails asking me to list the best solo ad providers and networks.

Let me be clear: if you’re using a Solo Ad seller, your chances of success are exactly, not close to, but exactly ZERO. If you’re using a solo ad network, the same can be applied, as you will only find people used to selling clicks (obviously, they can’t do anything else as they just have worthless leads and crappy traffic).

So that’s one point: the only way to get good email traffic is through “legit” website owners and newsletter managers who have engaged people they can email your offer to. THAT’S IT. Solo Ad sellers sell clicks, they don’t care about your offer, they don’t care about their list, they don’t give a shit about engagement (they might not even know the word), they don’t want to get any interaction with people. They just want to sell clicks. You will NEVER succeed that way, unless you want to con people into selling crappy clicks in return.

So, I can’t recommend any good professional solo ad sellers. They don’t exist. But, if you go out and find a good traffic source (see our previous article), then you can find great opportunities.

Still, I have used Safe-Swaps a lot to test many vendors, assess their quality… I’ve also engaged people on other networks or Facebook groups. But since Safe-Swaps is the most popular, I was asked to provide a kind of review.

I can’t really say anything else than: STAY AWAY FROM SAFE-SWAPS!

Safe-swaps provides the lowest quality of traffic you can think of. Sellers have poor lists and all sellers in Safe-swaps share the same leads. They just swap them all together, buy clicks from each other and sell whatever they can to new members. It’s a place targeting complete newbies who think Solo Ads is the holy grail of building a list. But, it can’t be worse, really.

Then, their platform looks like it was built in the 90s’. It’s the opposite of user friendly. The rating system is mostly fake, since it’s an incestuous game and people can’t really shoot themselves (if you give me poor ratings, I will give you poor ratings in return). Their tracking capabilities are simply a shame. Sometimes, they won’t track links. Reporting capabilities are also out of date. They were among the first to enter this business and like many early startups, they relied on their position.

On top of that, it seems that they have hired retarded people to handle their support desk. If you can get someone to correctly read your ticket and then address it at least partially, you would be quite lucky. Most tickets take 3 to 4 weeks to get “solved”. They’re never really solved as you simply give up. Dealing with such mediocrity is not a given and it is simply impossible.

Finally (just because I can’t be bothered to get into much details), once you deposit funds, you can’t withdraw them. It’s over. You have to purchase their crappy traffic. There’s no working around it. It’s as close to being fraudulent as it gets. They literally steal your money. You can ask for a “refund” but they won’t process it. They suggest to push your money into another Solo Ad network! Why in the world would I want to put my money into another one of their network if I want to leave them?!

They also keep sending the same stupid support replies:

ss-11 ss-10

They have no issue sounding like they’re dumb. This only means they don’t care and only want advertisers’ funds, then stop allowing them to buy solo ads and you’re stuck.

There’s only one thing to do: contact your Paypal rep and tell them about this fraud and how Safe Swaps steal money then close the service and keep your funds. They also breach their own terms of service by forcing you to move to another service (which you never agreed to).

So, stay away from this network. It’s not worth a minute of your time. You will never get leads from this network and it will never generate a dime. It’s a shame for our industry that such a service exists, as it makes people think it’s possible to build a list and to create an online business. It’s possible, but certainly not with them.

I don’t mind calling them out loud. They deserve it and, as a reader of this blog, you must be informed. You’re not here to read what many marketers want you to think. You’re here to read what I think and that’s how I can help you. That’s also why this whole solo ad industry is going down the drain when it could be a great traffic source. But even networks are turning it into a big scam… Uncle Dimitry, you’re a great business mind for sure…


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