Psychology for Affiliate Marketers (Part II)

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So here’s the second part of the Zeigarnik effect.

It’s called the Cliffhanger.

And it’s by all great marketers, and by all great TV show directors.


Because it’s so effective in bringing people back to watch another episode or read another email. And I just used it, to get you to read this article.

Think of your favorite TV show, and notice how there almost always is a very powerful scene towards the end of an episode?

A scene that opens a whole new set of questions. Questions that you want answers too, so you can’t wait till the next episode?

Well that is the cliffhanger in motion.

I did the same thing at the end of the previous article – promising you something big, something huge and something that’ll give you the power to command constant attention. That was the cliffhanger.

It works pretty simply – you must end on an open loop. What do I mean by open loop?

If you’re email starts off a story – but does not complete it. It is an open loop.

The reader is, by the very nature of human psychology, almost obliged to close that loop. Or it’ll keep bothering him/her.

And if you’re creating an autoresponder series or sending out an email promoting a product – an open loop that ends when they buy your product/read the next email is very powerful.

Likewise – creating open loops on your landing page will help increase conversions. But you’ve got to make sure you keep the cycle actually working. Open a loop – then close it. Open another then close it. This will encourage your prospect to pursue the open loop. If you keep dragging it on, people begin to give up.

This is extremely useful when drafting bullets for your landing page.

“4 men lost over 30 Pounds in two weeks by just using this little ingredient in their coffee, to find out more, opt-in now”

That would be the perfect open loop for a men’s weight loss prospect. They have to know how it ends.

The secret to creating a powerful open loop to successfully use the cliffhanger effect is by making sure you get them interested enough.

Totally secretive statements like “Big secrets inside” aren’t effective. Because you have not successfully got the people interested enough.

You must give them a context – a story of sorts – a build-up, but not the climax. Pay attention to this concept at work when you sit down to watch your favorite TV show, and you’ll see exactly how TV Directors build a context.

It’s not too hard. And it’s extremely powerful.

Learn by observation. And then begin to use it in your emails and landing pages. It also works great on blogs ☺

That’s all for now. Bring these concepts into action and see the results for yourself.


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