Price VS Value: Are you promoting the right products?

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Today, I wanted to briefly share a few insights about price and value.

Based on the industry or vertical you’re promoting, people don’t have the same sensitivity to the price. If you’re selling info products on forums, your prospects are expecting to buy those for probably less than 10 bucks.

If you’re selling or promoting education related training, people are expecting higher quality and they want to pay a lot more. If you’re into B2B, promoting to business owners and professionals (to help them in their business), then they are used to one-to-one services worth a few thousand dollars.

Still, it’s just a bird view. Each industry can absorb both low priced items as well as high priced items.

The only difference is how you create, produce and market the value. And, if your prospects perceive the value you’re producing, then you’ve got a sale. It’s the basic principle: getting a match between what you think is of value, and what your prospects will think is of value to them.

No match, No sale.

Why is that important?

Because at, some point, especially as an affiliate, you’ll want to sell products that will be worth your time and effort (say you’re buying traffic, if you’re struggling to profit a few cents per visitor, you’re not in the right business).

Would you prefer generating 1000 sales of a $17 product paying you $6 or $7 (after Paypal fees and commission fees), or would you enjoy generating 10 sales of a $1497 product paying you $700 a pop?

You might think it’s an extreme example to illustrate my point of view, but it’s not. In any industry, you can find products within that kind of price range.

Finding 1000 customers is WAY, WAY more difficult than finding only 10! Right? No one could disagree with that statement, I guess.

Now, selling a $1497 product instead of a $17 product seems way more difficult as well.

Well, not that much!

As you by now understand, selling is mostly finding the right people (read: targeting correctly) at the right time (getting them on the right website, or after having performed relevant searches), and sending them to the right offer (read: offer a selection).

This is your job as an affiliate!

Your job is not just to find an offer. Your job is to pick the right offer that will help you create a sustainable business without struggling to make a few dimes per sale.

Your job is to do intensive research to understand who you need to send to the sales page (and btw, you’re not selling anything, you’re just redirecting people!).

Now, part of your job could be to help and support the sale.


By adding value. We’ve already discussed this in a previous report. Adding value can be done by pre-selling; by providing the right angle that will click in the mind of your prospects; by adding more content; by adding more services (read: bonuses), by getting personal and showing that you care about what you’re doing and promoting.

Value is about closing the gap between your plug (affiliate link), your prospect (you truly want him or her to buy through your link) and the client’s real needs. By getting personal, you are doing 3 things in fact.

1) You’re building up the value. You’re showing him or her that you understand their needs, and that you can help (through bonus services; help the customers understand if this solution will be what they need…)

2) You’re increasing your conversion rate drastically! 

3) You’re standing out of the crowd and you’re becoming unique. 

This will help you make more commissions down the road, especially from people visiting your pre-selling page (you could capture leads on this page, for example).

So, next, you can check what kind of products you’re promoting and see if you could switch to more rewarding products maybe. This will also “force” you to go deeper into what you’re doing, in order to see how you could add more value.

This will also help you make more money, a ton more!

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