Paid traffic and Affiliate Marketing.

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Ok, I already mentioned it in a previous post. I won’t deal with SEO on this blog. SEO is just for agencies who can charge outrageous fees to incompetent marketers who only want to show their boss they’ve spent all the marketing budget using a shiny SEO agency. So, that’s a waste of time, money and resources. You will never succeed online with SEO.

Paid traffic is the only way to go. Especially when you’re an affiliate marketer. Whether you’ll buy Email traffic, Display traffic, Social traffic or video traffic, you are the ONE to decide what kind of traffic to buy, how much and, most of all, you can monitor and track it all.

Based on your niche, you have access to many traffic sources. I would recommend Bing and Facebook, Facebook being the one with possibly the best traffic, when you know how to properly target people. You can’t just throw an ad and a link and hope to get sales.

When you buy traffic, do you think that the people clicking on your ad want to see what you have to offer, who you are, or they just want to see what’s in it for them. You peaked their interest, they clicked your ad, they want more info. And you should give them more info. That’s what they want!

You should not sell them anything at all. You should do the exact opposite: you should give them something of value – good content – and give them even more against an email, so that you can continue to communicate (market) with them at any time.

So, the critical part of buying traffic is what to do with that traffic… you can waste it (by direct linking and sending it to a non optimized funnel you don’t control), or you can make the most of it by providing value, capturing an email, and nurturing the lead until they are ready to take action and buy something you recommend.

THAT’S the most profitable model to work as an affiliate marketer. There are other models, but they won’t be as effective on the long run. NEVER. There might be a few exceptions in some niches but they should not rule your way of doing business and setting up affiliate campaigns.

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