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Online Marketing Necessities: Website, Social Media and Blogging

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If there is anything that any business owner dreams of, it’s being among the first names on Google’s search result page once someone googles his or her services. But is that a truthful representation of one’s success? Ask yourself when you are trying to find a provider and someone’s website was number one on the result page, would you immediately opt for that company. Truth is that you would have doubts but still it would be the first step towards trusting someone.  With good content, network distribution and website optimization anyone can be among top results, but going from familiar face to a friendly provider, requires a bit more effort. The following text will contain some helpful tips on how to be more omnipresent on the World Wide Web, and how to turn website visitors into customers.

Website design

What is the first thing that you see once you enter the grocery store? Well, usually there are fruits displayed quite visible, all sorts of spices, candies, and at the very end, there are most often purchased necessities like bread and milk. Why is that? The answer is simple – if people who are buying bread and milk got what they wanted at the very front, they wouldn’t bother to browse the store and see what else the owner has to offer. So, there is this tactical placement design so that people become aware what else the store has to offer and perhaps fail to resist the temptations and buy something else as well. Also, if there are children with them, they are allured to ask for toys or candy. But back to the topic at hand, basically, you should apply the same principle with your website, but also make sure there is a clear call to action, so that people know how to make a purchase, if the process is hindered or complicated for some reason, you are very likely to lose potential customers.

Social media marketing     

This is a part that offers a possibility to realize a more friendly approach to your potential customers. A lot of people actually find what they are interested in via browsing social networks, so having your own page there is quite a prolific tactic. However, another thing that people love on social networks is interaction between users. Meaning you should not be pushy but a friendly user like anyone else; you are there to help people out with your services not sell them your services. It goes without saying that in order to do this you must be noticed. Social networks offer services of promoting your page and buzzing your posts. Feel free to use them to get some sort of starting audience and befriend them. Since, people actually leave the information about their interest and hobbies, this kind of marketing you are paying for actually targets the right audience. Just make sure your posts are timed correctly, make surveys of your own concerning what kind of titles are usually compelling enough for someone to open the link you shared, and what time of day did you post something. Once you have established the correct strategy, you will be able to fully utilize your social network profile. And since you are posting stuff from your website, whenever someone clicks on the link, you increase traffic on your own web page.


As mentioned, people turn to social networks to entertain themselves, but when it comes to blogging, a lot of people go there seeking helpful advice. Your website should contain a blog that provides useful information related to your product. That is not all of course, you should be active on other blogs as well and write on topics related to your line of work, offering helpful information. You can always link articles from your blog as relevant information, as long as it fits in the context, otherwise, you will simply look like a charlatan who writes for the purpose of promoting his services, and those users are banned from websites. Your goal is to build a respective image for yourself and in process, increase traffic on your website, if or whenever possible. Forcing your website link into content will only be your downfall.

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