[Live Case Study]: $10k+ CPA Campaign Revealed

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Today, we’ve got something nice to share with you guys.

If you’re fed up with theory and would like to see how things happen in the real life, then sit back, relax, and shut your iphone down.

I’m going to reveal a campaign I ran during a few weeks which netted me a bit more than $10k.

I will show you the offer, the traffic source, they keywords (the profitable and non profitable ones), the ad, the landing page and the results. As well as the process we go through to track everything (tracking is what makes the difference between an aspiring affiliate / CPA marketer and a successful Affiliate marketer)


The vertical: Weight loss supplements

The Product: Garcinia Cambogia supplements

The offers: we split tested many different offers from different networks (Maxbounty, Peerfly, and other private networks). You will see the list in the screenshots. The most reliable one was a Triminex offer from Maxbounty.We also had good results with other offers.

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TRaffic Source: PPV on LeadImpact. We only used ONE traffic source for this campaign.

Tracking Platform: CPV Lab


Country Targeted: US

The Keywords we used in Leadimpact for this campaign with their respective traffic and performance:

The CTR column reflects the fact that we’ve used landing pages most of the time. This CTR refers to the visitors reaching our landing page through this keyword who then clicked on our landing page to the offer.

The landing pages (important: we split tested direct linking VS landing pages. For our best converting offers + our best converting keywords… direct linking or landing page DID NOT make much difference!)

Winning landing page (LP1 in the stats below):



This banner-style landing page was a flop


Another winning landing page (LPGLI in the stats)



landing page stats and direct linking stats (direct linking are in Blue and what you see is the name and network for the offers we used)



And here is a recap of all offers we split tested as well:



Now, there are quite a few surprising facts in those stats: once you have a good combination: Keyword + Offer, whether you use a landing page or direct linking is not relevant (for this campaign, not in general).

You need to split test many different offers from many different networks as results are not consistent and not reliable over time. Some weeks an offer will work extremely well and all of sudden will stop converting the week after when another one from another network will take over.

So if you’re promoting anything outside of IM, you need to make sure you follow a step-by-step process starting with a strong tracking solution (we use CPV LAb in this campaign, but we’re using many different platforms such as Bevo, Voluum and many paid ones as well: Linktrackr, Improve.ly…).

It all starts with the tracking.

Then start with a traffic source (PPV from Leadimpact) and split test offers, landing VS Direct, run many keywords and see where you get conversions.

Then optimize and continue split testing.

The winning landing page was created in 2 minutes using our amazing Lead Profit Systems

I hope you enjoyed. If you think you need more details, or if you have any question, feel free to comment below. This is not aimed at being a course, but to show you how it’s done in the real life and what it takes to make it work. But as you see it’s quite simple.

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  • http://www.RealNiggasDoRealShit.com/ My Momma Thinks I’m Handsome

    What was the traffic spend?

  • http://www.Jack-He.com/ Jack He

    Hey, I would like to check with you the following information:

    1) Do you put in all the offers since campaign starting point?

    2) How much is your initial budget since you put in quite a lot of offer
    from starting? Because if you don’t have enough data , you won’t
    proceed to optimization phase.


    • JP

      1) No we don’t add all offers at the same time, we usually start with 2-3 and then when we have a winner, we remove the other ones and add new ones and so on until we have a pool of 3-4 offers.
      2) Our ROI on this campaign was around 200%.

      You need to have a budget of at least 10 to 20 times the payout.

      • http://www.Jack-He.com/ Jack He

        1) So you used to get few similar offer to start the campaign, pick the winner, and then slowly add in more offers;
        2) 10 to 20 times of the payout is quite a big budget for those who are just started :)
        3) If we are new(I’m doing PPV for few months), do you recommend us to apply few cpa networks, and then use this method?


  • Irfan Lone

    Nice case study.