How to Achieve a Better Conversion Rate in the Online Environment

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Traffic, traffic, traffic. That’s the only thing most online marketers seem to be talking about. While having traffic is important for online businesses, it isn’t the only thing that is important and it doesn’t ensure success. After all, you pretty much buy traffic if numbers are your primary goal but if your goal is to sell a service or a product then you are into a bit more trouble than you bargained for. Bringing in traffic in these cases does nothing for you. You need to focus on getting a good conversion rate which is the number of visitors you have managed to convert into actual customers.

There are more than a few contributing factors to getting good conversion and we are going to discuss them here today.

Abandonment Points
The design of a website that you are attempting to make money off is something that needs to be pristinely done. Thanks to modern analytics you can follow the movement of the users throughout your website and find the key points which are proving to be problematic for users, and from which they decide to bounce away to another website. There are various forms in which abandonment issues can appear and this is why you need to examine design, content, presentation, forms and every other essential point that your potential customers come in contact with.

You have to clear these critical points and ensure that each visitor doesn’t get bored, confused and chased away by the same potential issues.

Customer Support
In order to convert better you need to develop a trust between your brand and the public. If your business is exclusively virtual, you might have a problem bridging the trust gap. There are a few things you can do to ensure you are viewed by your customers as a legit and trustworthy business, not just a website. This usually includes disclosing your office address, having a publically presented team, providing testimonials and so on. The biggest thing is having a well set up customer support.

Through good customer support, you are actually providing the customers with a voice on the other side and through this, provide confirmation that there is somebody there. Human touch is the key, since there is this virtual gap between the vendor and the customer so to speak. Call centers are the number one solution but live chat can be ok as well. There needs to be some kind of conformation that if something goes wrong with the product or service, there will be someone there to rectify the mistake.

Market Research and proper focus
Conversion can be optimized if you manage to focus your crowd correctly. This might seem easier than it really is. This requires persistent and in-depth market research and advertising research to get to your optimal crowd. While finding your optimal target audience is a common mistake, even more commonly, people miss the target with their marketing. The online marketing needs to be all natural or a blend between natural and paid traffic. Natural traffic, the one that you get from search engines and natural linking and sharing is the better traffic. Why? Well, these people are actually interested in what you have to offer. They clicked your link and searched for the terms that define your business which means that they are already interested in what you have to offer therefore they are much more likely to make a purchase than a random person who just happened to land on your page.

Giveaways and coupons
In order to pull in a better commitment from your potential customers, you might want to offer them ways to get giveaways or discounts through digital coupons. This usually gets you better advertising, more traffic and better conversion. There isn’t a better way of getting people to commit than turning the whole thing into a game. Digging for coupons and doing things for giveaways creates a sense of accomplishment and a sense of gratitude for allowing them to get something for free or on a discount.

We hope this managed to shed some light on online conversion and that you can now plan your moves a bit better. Until next time, good luck!

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