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How many campaigns did you start and pause after just a few hours, without trying to understand what the issue was?

When you start a campaign, it’s important to set your budget and to stick with it, be it $5 a day or $100 a day. Then, it’s almost impossible to start a campaign and be profitable instantly. Of course, that was the norm in the early 2000, but not anymore. Otherwise, you would not be reading this blog :-)

A campaign needs to be optimized. Say you’re bidding on keywords, you might receive a lot of traffic from non converting keywords, and this might consume most of your budget without any chance for the other keywords to drive traffic. Discard those non-converting keywords, and focus on the converting ones and so on. It might take a few days, but at the same time, you will start generating commissions and, once your campaign is fully optimized, your ROI will skyrocket. Doing this might be tedious, but it’s well worth it. On top of working on optimization, you are preparing to grow your campaign even more.

I mentioned keywords, but it’s the same, when you place your ads on different websites or when you’re using different banners or ad networks. Run variations of whatever you’re advertising, discard what is not converting and optimize from there on.

Chances are that most of your competition will not take the time to complete this optimization process and you will end up with cheaper traffic. Why? Simply because you will outperform them, and your ROI will allow you to buy more traffic, generate more profit, buy even more traffic, extend. In the end, you’ll end up as a long term winner.

So, keep calm and take your time. Then, rinse and repeat and build your portfolio, one consisting of high converting campaigns!

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