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Hey, it’s been a long time we’ve not posted anything in this blog, although we have some amazing content.

So, let’s forget the past, and we’ll add some great content in there as regularly as possible, we’ll also add some video content which seems to be quite popular as well.

But for now, I wanted to share a great case study we’ve just completed. We recently launched Lead Profit Systems, our latest breakthrough SaaS (you can learn more HERE).

During this launch we heavily retargeted people visiting the offer page (http://go.leadprofitsystems.com/thereveal), but not ordering the main offer (for backend sales, we handled this using in-app advertising as well as segmented and behavioral automated email campaigns using Ontraport)

Which means we focused on just converting prospects for the main offer.

Retargeting is something we do a lot, either for our own products as well as for many clients. We usually have a 10 to 15x ROI, but this times, thanks to our great funnel (which is tracked in full using this retargeting campaign), we managed to get a 28.84x ROI!



Globally we spent $390 and generated $11,250 in sales!

Our audience is exclusively those who visited the main offer BUT did not order. Which means they’ve been exposed to the sales message and videos already at least once.

They’re sitting on the fence, and if you can reach them through another regular channel they use (not pushing them to your content, but pushing your content into their comfort zone such as Facebook), then you’re more likely to generate sales.

We’ve been doing this for now 2 years and always with great success.

Here is a breakdown of the audience as well. We knew which audience would convert better, but still we ran the ads to ALL visitors of our sales page, as we wanted the largest reach on this one.

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This is typical of the IM industry. Your best prospect is aged 35 to 55, and if you use the Facebook audience insight you will get a lot more details about your core market.

Here is the ad which performed the best. We split tested quite a few headlines and images to ensure the best CTR and Cost of Acquisition (CAC).


And finally the overall stats with the CAC:


The CAC is really low because we have a conversion rate of close to 20%.

Which is around 3 times higher than any other traffic we’ve received during the launch! That’s how powerful retargeting your audience can be when done properly. Of course this also increased affiliate conversions as all affiliates who had initially referred this visitor got credited for the sales generated via this Facebook campaign.

So it both helps the vendor, the affiliate and your overall launch strategy.

Now, not everyone is an experienced Facebook marketer. Combined with product launch it can be quite tricky to get it right and manage it the right way. You can let us do it for you, just like we do it for some of the big names in this Industry. Get in touch with us HERE to get started.

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