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Many affiliate marketers focus on promoting digital products and services (info products, hosting, video courses, webinars…) the reason being that there are some great networks out there, mostly devoted to digital products. It literally takes a few seconds to find a good product to promote.

Still, there’s probably 100 times more money to be made as an affiliate who is promoting physical products. The market is way bigger and, although commissions are low ( usually below 5%, and rarely around 10%), these programs are usually done by brands people know and trust. 

What this means is that, when you promote a Clickbank product for example, there’s no real brand associated with it. People have no idea who the author is, and it requires some strong copywriting skills to overcome the psychological barriers this generates. Would you hand $50 or $100 to anyone in the street, just because he stopped and pitched you? 98% won’t!

Now, if you walk down the street and see a good offer in one of your favorite shops, you don’t need anyone to help you get in the shop and buy something attractive. Basically, you can sell physical products without selling them - mostly by just redirecting people to the right website or page. No need for long form sales letters. Physical products are usually sold on websites like Amazon or that kind of mainstream e-commerce websites.

It makes things a lot simpler for sure. Of course, the product should have some great photos and the site must look professional. But, you can check it before sending any traffic. So no pre-selling, no hard selling – just find the right prospects and redirect them to the offer. It’s now even easier than before, thanks to Facebook’s targeting options based on Interests. It’s easy to target parents looking for children clothes, for kids under 3 years for example.

The importance is to target the right people based on their interests, and to send them to the right place. The brand is what matters (think at Amazon, or other marketplaces. You would buy from them without a sweat. You don’t even think about trust, or who they are…). So, at the end of the day, it’s a good practice for affiliate marketers to also promote physical products. Even if they generate lower commissions, physical items can sell at much higher prices compared to digital products and also, sell a lot more. So, all things considered, you could be surprised and end up making more money pushing physical products.

A good place to start is with Amazon, of course. Sign up as an Associate with them and get the ball rolling. You could also create great Amazon Associates / Affiliate stores using this amazing SaaS (Zonterest), where they build the Amazon store for you! Quite cheap. (they can even get an Amazon associates account for you)

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