Conversion Rate Is Not IMPORTANT!?

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Today, I want to discuss something that might not look natural or like the right way of thinking to both product sellers and affiliate marketers.

Conversion Rate is not that important. 


Simply because it does not tell anything about WHO you converted and WHO you did not manage to convert.

It gives you an overall appreciation of how well your landing page “performs”. Although the term “performance” is not adequate. As you don’t know why it’s performing.

Which is why I still think Conversion rate is not what you should focus on.

You should focus on Targeting and Positioning.

Which means in layman terms: who you want to talk to and what you want them to understand, how you want to be perceived (you, your offer, your pre-sell)…

This IS what will tell you how well your landing page or offer performs. You might have 2 sales pages or 2 landing pages both converting at the same rate. Still if you were to send the same traffic on both, it’s possible NONE of the conversions on your landing page 1 would occur on page 2 and vice versa.

Which means that you would convert different visitors on each page. Still you could be offering the exact same product or promoting the exact same offer.

But the angle, the positioning could be so specific that it will not be of interest to the same visitors.

Example: check those 2 landing pages below.

meetjplanderThis is a “Qualifying” landing page. We do not collect leads, we just want to get Clicks.

On the other hand, we also have that kind of pre-selling:


Which is mostly text based with then a Link to click and access the offer.

Both are working really well. Both are extremely different and are not using the same positioning.

But as I say the conversion rate is not what matters here. Will people who click on the first one be the same as those who would click on the 2nd one, when seeing it at first?

Certainly not.

Then, my most important question when creating Direct Response campaign, is which angle will optimize my overall EPC or value per click. This involves the whole funnel.

Will someone clicking on the first lander be a more valuable visitor that someone landing on page 2?

Who will buy more upsells? Who will be more engaged with my content?

And this is something you MUST think at and integrate right at the beginning of your campaign setup (copywriting, design, ad copy…). Even your ad will position your entire funnel and generate a given typology of clicks.

Are those the ones you want? You are the only one to know who you want or what you want your visitors to perform.

But you must answer the question before. 

Then, once you have the right angle, the right positioning (the one you want), the one that makes the more sense for your overall marketing strategy and long term goals, THEN and only THEN you can optimize.

You can work on the conversion rate, and optimize your landing page accordingly, your price points in the funnel, so that you get a favorable balance between price points, ROI, and absolute returns.

Conversion rate optimization will only mean something when you know what you’re optimizing and why you’re doing it. It’s short term tactics (although it can impact long term profits).

But what I mean is that conversion rate issues and optimization are not a strategic issue. Your targeting and positioning are the strategic issues and questions you MUST answer first hand before creating any campaign.

Only then can you think at optimizing your conversion rate.



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