Completely Seizing Your PROSPECT’S Attention So He/She Feels Guilty If They Don’t Look (Part 1)

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Did that get your attention?

Well if you’re reading this – it certainly did. And there is good reason behind that.

Seizing your prospect’s attention is getting your foot in the door. With that power, you’ll forever have an audience. Without it, you’ll be broke, forever.

So while we talk about attention, it would be a great idea to pay attention.

Imagine you’re driving down a road full of stores and you’re out to buy some oranges, to make orange juice. The sign boards of the shops say; Fruit. Oranges. Oranges and Apples. Oranges. Fruits and Vegetables. Which one of those are likely to garner your attention?

Almost all of them, but more so the ones that just say Oranges. Right?

And out of all the Orange stores you’re probably going to pick the first one you see. And the rest of the “me too” ones will probably not garner your attention, right?

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This happens because you’re more attracted to things that promise you EXACTLY what you want. Now imagine one store’s sign board said Oranges, and had a tagline: The Perfect Oranges for Making Great Orange Juice.

That would certainly get your attention over the rest. Wouldn’t it?

That is essentially the art of seizing attention. You must be specific, you must promise the right things and most importantly you must differentiate yourself.

Now even if they just offer the same oranges as everyone else – you’re more likely to go to them, because they look like specialists.

Now notice in the headline of this article, the word “Prospect’s” is in upper-case. I did that because it’s extremely important you’re only seeking YOUR prospect’s attention, not everyone’s.

A copywriter once thought he had a brilliant idea to get the attention of people for his arthritis solution. His headline read “SEX”. That’s all. He sure did get a lot of attention.

Sex is a topic that turns heads, and commands attention by its very nature. But while everyone did look – they also stopped reading at the very next sentence. And the piece was a flop.

Getting random attention is not hard. You can go shouting random things on the street and people will begin looking at you. But they would never buy a thing from you, even if you were selling gold for the price of paper.

The right attention is what you seek.

Just how do you get your prospect’s undivided attention?

Instead of sign boards, in affiliate and internet marketing, you’ve got headlines. And that’s pretty much all you’ve got. Most internet users close web pages within 35 seconds of opening them, unless you get their attention.

35 seconds. That’s short. So should your headline be. The shorter the headline, the better. That’s your first rule.

But short has its disadvantages. If someone reads more on a particular topic – your chances of getting them more interested increase. Because they finally get that one magic word or promise they want to hear. But one magic word or promise is actually not long, right?

Yeah usually its not. And in most cases you can summarize it, if you really try. So the punchier the headline the better. It’s got to really be visceral. Hit where it hurts.

You probably already know that magic word or key promise, because you did the right research. If you don’t then read the piece I wrote on research too. (Link Here)

But how do you make the promise punchier?

A thesaurus can be your best friend. The key is to find something that really hits hard.

For example saying X kills Y. Is good, but X Slaughters Y. Or X Brutally Slaughters Y, is far more visceral.

It commands more attention. Little tricks like these can make your headlines far more punchier. And really hit the customer hard.

“Pesticide that Kills Annoying Garden Weeds”

“Pesticide that Brutally Slaughters Infuriating Garden Weeds”

The second one is far more unique than most products out there and is more visceral. It’ll command the right attention.

So that’s all for part 1. While Preaching attention, let’s not give too much away at once. So that’s all for part 1, but you’ll be blown away with the even cooler stuff coming your way in part 2.

P.s. I’ve broken one of the two rules somewhere in this article. Find it and comment below.


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