If you build it, they will come…

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I liked this movie a lot. I tried to apply this quote in my early days as an online entrepreneur and it worked quite well. More than 10 years ago, ranking on top for any keyword was just as easy as adding the keyword tag to your crappy web page and upload it to your server. This was literally an overnight process.

And then, the world started to go wrong with SEO agencies. However, that’s not the purpose of this post. We all know SEO agencies are useless and that you can’t add a keyword tag and hope to get ranked.

So, if you build it, they won’t come.

That’s our sad reality. But, in fact, it’s not that sad. It’s a major opportunity. See, most people still think that if you build it, they will come (they spent thousands of dollars in SEO training, to get brainwashed to continue believing that this can still happen). And that’s a chance for you, the one who knows what you’re doing (meaning, NO SEO, PLEASE).

This way, you can focus on effective marketing efforts, those that will drive hungry hordes of buyers to your doors, begging you to double opt-in and to buy your stuff, share your content and trust everything you say. We have discussed pre-selling by means of warming your visitors up, turning them from cold traffic to interested leads and prospects.

So with that in mind, when you build it, you need to think at who you will send to it. You need to have your visitors in mind before even building anything online. Once you understand this, then you can attract visitors and start nurturing them. You can of course pay for this traffic, you can “rent it” using valuable solo ads, you can exchange it

But there’s something that might be even more profitable in the long run. You should create your own traffic source. The one that you can activate on demand, whenever you need it.

Of course, some markets are less mature than others, when it comes to creating your own traffic source, but in most cases, it works, and it will remain the most profitable traffic source forever. So, you guessed it, if you can create your own traffic source, your own visitors, your own subscribers, then you can dominate your market. Being that generating traffic on demand, for free, is the holy grail of Internet Marketing, it could be the ultimate challenge, and one of your most important goal as an Affiliate marketer.

By the way, we have a great List building video course where we show you step by step how to create large and responsive lists. You can watch it here. Click HERE To Watch Our Exclusive List Building Video Course

Internet Marketers tend to think that building lists is only for product creators, service sellers, consultants, and not for affiliate marketing. This is not true. In fact, I even think it generates more money with affiliate marketing, as you can truly recommend valuable products and many different ones each week for example (when it’s nearly impossible to create a new video course for your lists every week!).

So, this is truly something you should consider, and learn how to do it the right way.

Or, you can hire agencies to do it for you as well! But, just think about it, and get used to the idea of creating your own traffic source.

Picture it as owning your own ATM, or your own money printing machine… it’s really as close to this as it can get.



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