Affiliate Marketing’s Arsenal (Part III): Headlines, Headlines and… headlines

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In the next few parts of this series, I am going to give you some very powerful tricks for each of the aspects of a landing page. This will allow to craft great copy for each of the components you saw in the anatomy of a landing page.

So are you ready?

Let’s jump straight in.


I’ve written extensively on this already – but that’s still not enough. And ten articles later it still won’t be enough? Because great headline creation is an art that has various forms. And no matter how much effort you put in – constantly improving your headline technique will ALWAYS pays off.

Professional copywriters read several books – tens of them – on just this. So if you’re getting the gist of them all in a few articles – you should feel lucky. And you are.

So back to the basics first. Like always I like ensuring everyone is on the same page on the basics – they define pretty much everything else.

All headlines – landing pages or otherwise – have one objective. Making sure your prospect reads on. And quickly does so. So one of the most fundamental rules of headline writing is that they should be drop dead simple.

Every single one of your prospect’s shouldn’t have to read it more than once to understand it. If they do – it’ll cost you customers. Drop. Dead. Simple.

That should be a permanent filter in your copywriting proofreading process.

Is my headline drop dead simple?

The second thing you must always remember is that you’ve got deck copy to back you up. Too many marketers don’t use this to their advantage. Don’t try to say EVERYTHING in your headline. You might fear not giving the prospect everything they need to know right then and there – but don’t worry about it. You just need to give them one good reason to read the next sentence.

Use your deck copy to back you up beyond that point.

And your sub-heads for the rest.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that I’ve ever got for headline creation is to focus on the thought. Your headline should only capture one powerful thought. Instead of opening the prospect to a whole range of thoughts.

For example:

“Mentally challenged kid comes up with a powerful little trick that increases conversions by 220%”

Now compare this with

“Mentally challenged kid comes up with a powerful little trick – using a synonym tool – that increases conversions by 220% and increases active readership of copy by an additional 300%”

Which one is more simple?

Which one is less confusing?

Which one has one core thought?

The first one. Right?

And while the trick may involve a synonym tool and also helps increase the number of people actually reading the rest of the copy even more than it does conversions – the first headline will likely work better.

All that extra information could’ve come in the deck copy or later on in the copy.

Now while we’re on it. Notice how I used “mentally challenged kid”?

Why did I do that? Well it’s an extremely powerful headline formula.

When you say something outrageous or seemingly contradictory – people get extremely curious.

Also in this particular case – a lot of internet marketers (the headline is targeting them) like simple and easy. The first thing they are likely also thinking that “if a dumbfuck kid can do it, it must be really easy.”

Before I give you a few more headline formulas – let’s take a step back and remember what I said in the first part of this series: coherence.

The advantage of the headline creation stage of landing pages is that you’re also creating something which you can use in your advertising.

The headline above would’ve attracted some serious traffic if it was the copy of an ad on a website internet marketers frequent.

So you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone – and achieving coherence in the process.

Cool right?

So go the extra mile. It’ll really help.

Now back to headline creation formulas:

Another very powerful headline formula is:

Achieve X result in Y time.

People love getting results. And people love, even more, getting results in a certain time.

But you’ve got to be careful with this one – because making specific promises to your customers can land you into the legal grey waters.

So how do you use this without getting into trouble?

Use someone’s story:

“How a 21 year old made 450,00K in just 6 months using the KING method”

And when you’re using someone’s story – you might as well combine the first formula with the second (if you can) to have a really powerful headline formula.

Another one of my favorites is exclusive method one:

The only way to do X without doing Y

For example:

The only way to create landing pages without spending a fortune

This one works great – because once again it incites curiosity on the prospects part. And when you claim exclusiveness – it becomes almost irresistibly curious to the prospect.

So that’s all for now. Some more great copywriting stuff coming your way as part of this series. So stay tuned.

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