Affiliate Marketing and Re-Targeting? Can it be Done?

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This is probably a more advanced article, but it can be useful to know a few things about re-targeting for affiliates.

We won’t cover the basics of re-targeting in this article, just search this blog to find more info. So, we assumed you understand that you can “mark” any visitor to any of YOUR web pages as being someone who visited this page. This creates what we call a “segment” or an “audience”. And, you can then show ads to this audience or segment wherever they are on the Internet, through what we call a Re-targeting network and Facebook.

Now, when you buy traffic, you should always make sure you make the most of it and that you do everything possible to improve your ROI. That’s what good re-targeting is used for, at least when done correctly. But, the key element is that this represents something to do whenever you buy traffic. As we already discussed in a previous article, people don’t buy the first time they’re exposed to an offer. It takes in average 7+ messages to get them interested. And re-targeting helps you get this extra exposure, at a low cost, that will then favor a conversion.

So, even when you drive traffic to affiliate offers (direct linking or through a landing page/pre-selling page), you should use a re-targeting process. When you use an landing page, it’s obvious, you just use this landing page as your URL that has to be visited to create a segment. But, when you don’t use a landing page that you directly link, it means that you’re sending traffic to someone else’s website that you don’t control. This further means that you can’t add your tracking code to this website. So how can re-targeting be achieved in those conditions?

You need to use specific tool that will create a customized redirect link that will drop the cookie used to tag your visitors as an audience. Once done, this link then redirects to the affiliate offer you’re promoting. If they take the offer, then most offers allow you to add your own conversion pixel as well. At this point, what you can then do, using Facebook, is re-targeting people who CLICKED your affiliate link and WHO did not complete the offer (which will be like 99% of visitors). As for the script to do such ninja re-targeting, we have our own system that can automatically create such a link on any of your servers on the fly (without installing anything). It’s private, but we might give you access if you’re serious about your business.

This is a highly effective strategy and, once you have this setup, you won’t look back, and you will even wonder how much money you’ve wasted since you haven’t set it up before.


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