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Do you know why affiliate marketing can be so frustrating? 

Most marketers (and I know you will not do it anymore now that you’ve reached this blog), or better yet, most affiliate marketers are throwing traffic to an offer hoping for a conversion. Those are the basics of affiliate marketing, right? Well, 2 days later, you promote another product in the same niche and guess what – you have to find traffic again, buy it, set up campaigns, get approved, create ads, copies and invest in traffic and optimization…

It’s a never ending process. And, on top of that, it’s not efficient: you’re spending way too much money, and you’re spending way too much time on a non ROI-effective process.

And, this is the same mistake 99% of marketers out there do. Be it in Weight loss, Dating, Internet Marketing, Bizopp, Finance, be it for CPA offers, CPL, CPS…

In simple words, it’s a waste of time, money and TRAFFIC!

Traffic is tough to find (although it’s everywhere), is highly competitive and is so time consuming!

This way of promoting products was fine until 2005-2006. This is called direct linking and the old way of doing direct linking is just to send people to the affiliate offer directly.


I will show you, in a coming article, how to do direct linking (in 2014) the right way. But first, let’s conclude this first part with the strategy EVERYONE should follow when promoting a product online.


You need to capture your hard earned traffic. You can’t just send it to someone else and hope for a conversion. You MUST control your traffic from A to Z. Which means having the ability to collect information from your traffic. You need to send your traffic to a lead generation page.

We know that visitors need 7 to 10 messages to convert into customers: would you rather pay for 10 clicks made by this particular visitor, or just pay for 1 click and then send him 7 or 8 emails for free?

Then, we also know that people need to be warmed up before going deep into their pockets. They won’t buy something because they’re told to. They will buy something when they are convinced it will HELP them solve a problem they have! And, the only way for them to solve a problem they are not aware they have is to show them the problem and the solution. 

You get the point: sending traffic and then forgetting about it is a surefire way to making no commissions (or no positive ROI). Collect emails and build campaigns accordingly. This is the only way to run a profitable affiliate marketing business. So, make sure to subscribe to this blog so that we can send you more articles on how to make tons of money with Affiliate Marketing.

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