Affiliate Marketer’s Arsenal (Part 4) : Deck Copy

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We’ve got headlines out of the way – now let’s get cracking on the deck.

Deck Copy

The deck copy is largely optional – but I personally prefer using it. Even if it’s just one additional sentence.

Normally shorter decks work really well with landing pages.

But why do I prefer it?

Because as we learned in the previous article – it really helps with keeping the headline short. And there is always a little bit of extra, valuable information we wish we could give the prospect in the headline. All of that goes in the deck.

The simple rule for deck copy is:

Explain, expand or give more credibility to the headline.

That’s pretty much all there is to great deck copy.

Let me show you this using the same headline example I used previously:

“Mentally challenged kid comes up with a powerful little trick that increases conversions by 220%”

Some good deck copy for this would read:

“A teenager in South Carolina has discovered a new way of boosting conversions that has left even the most experienced affiliate marketers baffled. And his little trick not only more than doubles conversions, but also increases the number of people reading the rest of the copy by even greater numbers”

Why teenager in South Carolina?

Well first of all giving more specifics makes it seem more credible. It also helps contextualize. And it also allows me to pick up from the thought in the customers head after the headline without repeating exactly what I said in the headline.

Cool stuff, right?

What I’ve done after this is established even more credibility and taken the initial interest and boosted that EVEN further – by saying it has experts baffled. Now everyone wants to know more.

And right after that I’ve jumped straight to adding another benefit. So the prospect is fascinated not only by one thing that will happen but two.

Also another thing you’ll notice is that in the headline I said 220% percent and then in the deck I said more than doubled. Why?

Because I am saying the same thing in a different way that might make a stronger appeal. I could’ve equally said double in the headline and given an exact percentage in the deck copy.

Cool right?

Now onto one the of the more landing page deck copy specifics.

Bringing up the freebie you’re giving away would be a good idea. Sometimes people like bringing it up in the headline – and there is no harm in it as long as you do it properly.

But in a lot of cases you just want to use the headline to get them extremely excited – and then you can mention the freebie in the deck.

This all depends on the campaign. Coherence.

The deck doesn’t escape this.

If your customer doesn’t know they are getting something free – the earlier you tell them, the better (in most cases).

But if they know, make sure you reassure them early on too. So they don’t feel like they are being conned.

So that’s pretty much it for deck copy.

See you in the next article. I’ve got some really cool stuff lined up for you.

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