Affiliate Marketer’s Arsenal: Landing Pages

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Landing Pages. 101.

One of the most powerful tools in every affiliate marketer’s arsenal are landing pages. They are the gateway to building one of the only tangible assets an affiliate marketing business has; a list. Therefore fully understanding the marketing and copywriting strategies behind successful landing pages can significantly boost your income.

So, what the hell are landing pages?

Now this may sound like real newbie stuff. And some of it is. But the novices shouldn’t pass this one without giving it a read. After all it’ll just take a few minutes but can be insanely valuable in reinforcing the right fundamental concepts.

A landing page is focused, single message, one objective page that a visitor lands on after clicking any sort of online advertising call to action. Whether they see an email and land there, they see a google ad and land there, a facebook ad or any other form of advertising online.

Now pay specific attention to the words in bold.

So many people get this wrong. Even experienced marketers. Your landing page should have one core message. And one core objective.

If you throw too many messages at the visitor – they’re likely to get annoyed and leave. Remember you only have a few seconds to connect to your visitor. Reading the series on seizing your prospects attention would be a good read, if you haven’t already read them, to fully grasp this concept.

Having just one message also means that for EVERY campaign you run, you must have a separate landing page. Because every campaign – whilst it may be for the same product or the same list – has a different message. I will expand on this later, but this also gives you another advantage.

Having a separate landing page for every campaign gives you better analytics. You can clearly see how effective each campaign is. Which is extremely valuable when you want to begin testing/optimizing.

Now landing pages can be of multiple types – but the only type that is of relevance to most affiliate marketers is lead generation landing pages. You want the prospect’s name and email. That is your sole objective.

Relevant prospects’ information, with the right to send them more information in future. The much coveted opt-in. That is why this type of landing page is often called an optin page.

The landing page should lead to this and only this. Anything else will distract your visitors and drop the number of people giving you information, or opting in.

No external links. No links to your other products. None of it.

Just one call to action asking for their information.

So now that we’ve got a clear common definition of a landing page and its purpose, let’s move on to the foundations of making great landing pages.

One of the biggest mistakes far too many marketers make when it comes to landing pages is that they don’t have what I like to call coherence.

I’ve stressed one single message enough, but coherence takes this one step further. Imagine you’re in the weight loss niche, and your latest campaign speaks about a trick to lose 20 pounds in 9 weeks.

Your call to action (ad) reads Click here to find out how to lose 20 pounds in 9 weeks.

Take a guess what your landing page headline must absolutely contain?

The same single message: 20 pounds in 9 weeks.

Mess this coherence up and your conversions will fall. Add this coherence to previous campaigns and watch your conversions explode. As real as gravity.

That’ll be all for the basics – I’m trying to stay coherent here so don’t want to jump the gun straight to the copywriting process just yet. Much more coming your way as a part of this series.

So there you have it; one campaign, one landing page, one message, one objective. Landing pages in 1’s and 0’s. (oh and btw, this is the first of a 7 part series, so keep reading in the coming day)


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