Affiliate Marketer’s Arsenal: Landing Pages Part 6

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And now on to BULLETS.


The majority of the content of a landing page is your bullets.

Everything else we’ve covered so far are attention grabbing tools to get your prospect’s to read the bullets. So pretty much everything we’ve done so far is to focus on these powerful little things.

It would be pretty stupid not to create great bullets, because everything else so far would’ve been for no use.

And successful affiliate marketers aren’t stupid.

When starting your landing page copy creation – bullets should be the first step. Although they are not first in the chronological order of the page – they are where you should start. Why?

Because once you’ve gone through this creation process – headline creation and everything else leading the prospect to the bullets becomes a lot easier and this gives you a ton of content to use for the rest of the promotion.

The purpose of bullets is multifold:

  • Bullets should powerfully stimulate curiosity and intrigue
  • Build desire – one by one – so that the prospect desperately wants what you’re offering them
  • Directly/Indirectly address all the possible objections your prospect may have to opting in

I’m going to give you some very powerful formulas for creating bullets that have consistently proven to work. But before we get there you must put in a little effort.

When you begin your bullet creation process, the first thing you must do is take a piece of paper and go through the freebie you’re offering your prospect to opt-in. Make notes of EVERY little or big benefit/feature that your prospect is getting.

Features are essentially the “Specs”: 27 pages, well researched content, infographics, charts, case studies etc. All the specs of the freebie.

Benefits are what those specs mean for the prospect: Takes 25 mins to read, will give you the most powerful insights that exist on the topic so that you’ll never have to do X etc.

When doing so – also note the page number or the part of the freebie where that benefit/feature exists. Why?

Because that is one of my most powerful bullet creation formulas:

Formula 1: Get X benefit by the revelations made on Y page of this Z freebie

For example:

Learn the tricks to killer bullets in section 4 of the landing page black book.

The specificity helps boost credibility and makes a great bullet. Because the prospect is even more curious about exactly what tricks exist in section 4 of the book!

Formula 2: How to Do X in Y Time

This is similar to the headline formula – and this is exactly why bullet creation should be the first thing to do! Because you sometimes get some of the best headline ideas during the bullet creation process.

Just say to How do X thing in Y time makes a great bullet. Almost always. It’s an evergreen formula that you can keep repeating, for as long as you wish.

Formula 3: The Secret To “X”

Another evergreen formula that you can use every time your report has some information which is new for your prospect (which is the case almost always), all you need to do is replace the X with whatever content you may have.

Formula 4: The Why Bullet

This is also one of my favorites because this formula is the best to incite curiosity in the prospect. How you use the why bullet is by raising a question that is bothering the prospect.

The 5 reasons why these 7 tricks double conversions

Why normal approaches to weight loss don’t work

Similar to the Why bullet is the What NEVER formula.

Formula 5: What NEVER…. Bullet

The what never bullet is a spin on the exclusive headline formula we learned earlier. By saying What NEVER to do when creating landing pages, you incite fear in the prospect and incite curiosity about the costly mistakes someone else has made or the rookie mistakes that people often make.

All 5 formulas work great – and as long as you have the right research as indicated earlier, you’ll be able to create killer bullets which increase conversions. Using these formulas will ensure you never get “stuck” with the bullet creating process.

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