Affiliate Marketer’s Arsenal: Landing Pages Part 5

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And we’re on part 5 already. See it wasn’t that hard, and we’ve got just a few things left.


The purpose of sub-heads is to make sure someone who might not entirely be enticed by the headline and deck copy doesn’t miss out something important later on in the landing page that could spike interest.

Sub-Heads are basically something provocative that explains a paragraph of text.

For example, I create a bullet:

  • This free little software tool will allow you to change all the boring words in your headlines to far more exciting synonyms with a click of a button. It searches a database of emotional words and matches them to the words in your headline – and you can choose the most exciting one so your headline hits the prospect right where it hurts.

Now that is a lot of information and someone skimming through might not read the important stuff. So the perfect subhead would be:

Free Powerful Software

Positioned right above the bullet – so that someone skimming would be forced into reading what is below.

And that is pretty much all there is to sub-heads. The longer the copy the more sub-heads there should be. Given landing pages are short, normally you won’t use many sub heads.

Now onto the central image/video

Central Image/Video

The entire purpose of this is to give a big visual display of the freebie you’re giving your customer. Images work great – but if your funnel leads to something very expensive, a good video would be a great idea.

Videos normally confer higher value – so if your freebie is the first part of a larger funnel which leads to a high ticket item – use video.

Images are easier to do – making a 3D image of a free report normally does the trick. But once again the image is a chance to get the prospect more interested – so make sure it’s good quality and confers a clear image of exactly what the prospect will be getting from you.

It also adds great color to an otherwise boring, intimidating text full page. So use it to your advantage. It is normally positioned at the top or center of the page, but make sure the image appears above the fold of the screen.

That is, once the page has loaded – the prospect should have to scroll down to see the image.  It should be clear right at loading.

The same rule applies for video – but video also requires some sort of instruction. Make sure you keep everything they need above the fold.

Most landing pages are entirely above the fold – and that is a good strategy. But even in case you cannot keep everything above the fold – your video and image should be.

Sound like a plan?

Alright get started on adjusting your current landing pages or use this when creating a new one.

That’s all for now. Next. We’re going to cover the tricky but really powerful subject of bullets. Trust me, it’s going to be fun and informative. So stay tuned.


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