A Thousand Likes Can’t be Wrong? Right? WRONG!

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How fucked up is that? So-called Facebook experts, online training and all the cohort of crappy products, they all tell you the same thing: Buy Likes, Get likes, run Facebook ads to get more Likes…

So you get 1000 Likes, then what? A Like DOES NOT make you any money.  A Like does not buy anything, and does not mean anything! It just means you’ve wasted a buck or two to collect it. Then, you’re back to step 1, where you’re wondering how to bring some valuable visitors to your web properties to generate leads and sales.

Why in the world are people trying to build a fan page with thousands of likes and pay for it? I don’t know. Of course, if you’re a major brand, and you have a multi-channel strategy and you want to be there, then the fan audience will build up naturally. Also, you can advertise events or that kind of stuff in there.

But, thinking you’re generating leads and good traffic because you have many Likes is a marketing blunder. You don’t engage with people because they click a Like at some point. You paid for it, they read a post, clicked the Like button and that’s it. Most of them will never even receive your new posts on their wall, due to the fact the Facebook is not distributing it anymore (you may receive just a fraction of it, around 20%).

So, if you’re reading this blog, you’re into Internet Marketing, you’re not one of the 50 employees of the Co.. ola company in charge of their social network activity. If this was your job, fine, you would have a $5 million budget a year to reach a given number of fans (although it still means nothing, but these brands don’t care). You’re into Affiliate Marketing and how to make the most of the traffic you can generate. A Like is the best way to make Nothing off your traffic and to simply waste it!

When we run traffic campaigns for our in-house offers or for CPA offers, we never run any of those (unless a client still wants it after the above pitch :-) ) on a Fan page. We send it to a page where the visitor can take the desired action: signup, buy, download something or whatever we want.

On top of being a value-click (compared to a lost click when you advertise a Fan page for a Like), we can Re-Target the click, which you can’t do with Like campaigns. You read it right, we can, later on, reach this visitor who clicked on our Facebook ad anywhere on the net.

But that’s a side effect. The main effect is that we define a goal, and we build an ad campaign to help us reach this goal. A Like should never be a direct marketing goal for any Internet Marketer willing to generate leads, sales and engagement. It’s exactly the opposite and it’s a blunder.

So please, whether you create campaigns to promote your own products, or to promote affiliate offers, CPA, tee-shirts or whatever, just make sure that you have your end goals in mind and create your campaigns with this goal in mind. If you want to generate leads, you MUST create a campaign that will generate leads. Likes can NEVER be a trade-off or an alternative for a lead or a sale. They’re never an intermediate step to reach the next one.

A Like is not a marketing goal. It’s a gimmick to pay Social Media employees and agencies to generate Likes. It’s a trick that Facebook pushed to get tens of thousands of advertisers to buy traffic from them. Your Likes don’t win anything (they probably don’t even know what they liked in your ad and why they clicked and will never remember or engage with you afterwards anyway), you don’t win anything (what’s next… your Likes never take action nor read your updates, so you need to buy some new traffic), only Facebook wins,  because they conned you into buying more Likes.

Summary: remove Likes from your marketing glossary and stop paying for Likes.

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